How To Make A Dead Tree


They are wooden plants with stems, a trunk, branches and leaves that falls every season, or whenever the leaf is dead.  These perennial plants can grow for more than 300 feet and can even produce fruits (depending on your tree, of course). Trees can be the source of our food, a shade when the sun’s too hot, a place where it can be anything that your imagination want it to be, and a tree once its cut can be made into a chopstick, chair, table, musical instrument, toys, and your house is mostly made out of trees. Tree are so fascinating!

Tree aren’t just useful, it’s also very beautiful. Do you notice every season when trees change?In Spring, everything grows again, others even produce flowers. Spring is the season for young lovers, of course. In summer the trees leaves are a mixture of beautiful shades of green and they’re so relaxing to look at especially with the cool wind kissing your skin. In autumn it changes colors from green to orange, yellow, brown and red. The contrast between warm colors with the cold weather makes me feel weird inside. Ever experienced walking in the park with these shades of color and then feeling weird inside your stomach? Not the bad weird, but the good weird. And my favorite is the in winter. The trees shed leaves, except for evergreen trees, and you feel like you’re seeing skeletons. I love seeing leafless trees in my surrounding. It’s spooky and every time I walk and go outside I feel like I’m in a Tim Burton film.

When I was beginning to learn art I already learned different ways on how to make people(specifically anime’s because I’m still learning realistic art), but when I got in to this Anime Club our Adviser ask for us to make a short comics to show to the club. Everyone made one (except for me, I was in Poster Making when all this happened. I was one of the chosen people to transfer to Comics when he noticed that the people in Comics needed help, I’ll write about it next time) and the anime’s were pretty cool, but I’ve noticed something off about the comics. The backgrounds were awful. We at the Poster Making were instructed to learn how to make scenery to draw the background for the Comic artists. One of my specialties is making trees. Because I like making dead trees I was always partnered with this kid that makes Horror Comics. That’s how I developed my tree making art. And now let me tech you how to make a dead tree.

Are you ready? Let’s start.




  • The first thing you do is make the trunk.



Now when you make a trunk it doesn’t mean it has to be perfect it just needs to have the same qualities you would normally notice things you would see in a real tree. Like how the bottom trunk is wider compared to the one on top. You know why it’s like that. Right? I f you do then good for you, but if you don’t well it’s simply because the bottom part is where the roots is at and the function of the roots is to anchor the trees body to the ground and support it there.






  • Next are the branches.


After the trunk we next make the branches. Now be careful that you don’t draw the branches too close to each other. You need space for your twigs.









  • The third part of the tree that you draw are smaller yet shorter branches.


It’s like  a twig , but it’s not a twig cause it only supports the twig.

So this part of the tree has to be drawn as sharp. Why? Because, twigs is just drawn in a line. Unlike these short branches that is drawn in acute angles measured in 18-7 degrees.






  • Now you are to make the twigs.



Twigs are made out of one line.  Twigs are made out of three lines connecting each other. Although it would be easier for you if you ever had to draw the nervous system before because it’s like that, but it doesn’t have to form a body. Like you’re just making the one at edge of your hands.







  • Once you’re satisfied  with your twigs, start making the barks.


The barks is just made out of short  non straight lines that sometimes would form a circle.

It should cover your trunk and your branches and also don’t make too much of it.

Also draw the roots down the branch. The roots is made just like the barks.




  • End your art with a simple shadowing and it would look perfectly cool.



Now you’re done. You just made a leafless tree.

Now I know, what you want next. How to make a tree with leaves. I know how to make that and I can teach you how to do it on my next post. For now thank you so much for reading and I hope I was a huge help in your experience in art.

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