Hi. I’m Simone, the second youngest child, age 13. Not much needs to be said about this blog, as it is self-explanatory, but I’ll try to give some background data.

There are many ways to express yourself. Be it through lyrical composition, fine arts, speech, etc. In this blog section, I will be focusing on culinary arts and travel. Occasionally both in the same post.

When I give information about a certain dish that catches my eye, I will typically research about the dish’s background information. For instance, if I were to post about cookies, I would give a variety of flavors and styles in which cookies are made, and where they originated from; their traditions. This includes which country and/or general area they come from, and what specific time.

For travel, I will just give some interesting facts I learned about the places we visited while we were there.

As aforementioned, there isn’t much to explain in this topic, but I hope you have some sort of idea conjured up as to what I will post about. Thank you for you time.

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