Arts, Drawing And Animations!


Ira here, I’m the one that manages Arts, Drawing and Animations. I’m one of the artist in the family and my focus is on animation and drawings. So expect that in this category you’ll encounter comic strips that would either be funny or dramatic, or has life lessons in it. And because of my interest in drawing I’ll also give you drawing tips that might help you in your drawings. If your a beginner I can help you a few easy steps on creating cute cartoons. If you have problems on shadowing I can teach you the three different kinds of shadowing (by the way, that’s my favorite part of drawing and I love using the fine shadowing). Also, if you remember in me and my sisters brief bio I wrote there that I love anime’s. I do love anime and not just that, I also love cartoons. With that being said you can look forward for a few comments and suggestions about cartoons, animations and anime’s and even manga’s that you might like.

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